Daily Dose Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is fast-acting, virtually flavorless, & easy for the whole family to use (100% pet friendly). Each full spectrum CBD Tincture bottle’s calibrated dropper allows for complete regimen customization; this flexibility allows the user to lock down his or her ideal daily intake, which is personal to everybody. Take your CBD tincture sublingually or added directly into your favorite meal or beverage. Some people regularly consume CBD oil for stress and use CBD oil for dog anxiety as well. For your pup, try adding it directly onto a favorite treat or mixed within their meals. The positive options to make this a special treat are endless!

Why Choose Daily Dose Full Spectrum CBD Tincture?

The answer to Daily Dose CBD oil tincture’s efficacy is found within the team’s experiential research & on-going scientific study of CBD’s influence on cellular communication & its impact on the Endocannabinoid System (the regulatory system directly involved in the body achieving inner balance). Funded study & research claims that CBD could benefit its user in a multitude of ways, ranging from its promise in promoting restful sleep to the reduction in chronic pain with daily regimented CBD use, that CBD as a cannabinoid has exhibited antioxidant properties that could lend a hand in the field of heart health, and that using CBD oil for stress could be an extremely fruitful endeavor for promoting overall mental health. This product is not just for humans either! Pet parents are turning to CBD oil for dog anxiety, noise phobias, & over-all mobility assistance and they are finding amazing success.

What Makes Daily Dose CBD Tincture different?

At Daily Dose CBD Inc., we strive to create the purest Full Spectrum CBD products for you & your pet to enjoy. We craft each small batch of signature oil from the finest distillate in the USA & hand-make every product to ensure a quality experience. We prioritize your family’s health and ensure that we deliver a top-tier product and customer experience to our community.

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