• Adrianna Tacopino Avatar
    Adrianna Tacopino

    After trying several CBD oils from other companies, I felt that it wouldn’t work for me. Then, I came across Daily Dose and have been... read more - 7/02/2020


    Jess W Avatar
    Jess W

    Best Lip Balm ever!!!
    The only lip product I have ever used that does not leave my lips 'craving' for more.

    Moisturizing, soothing, light and...
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    - 6/18/2020


    Jess W Avatar
    Jess W

    Incredible, long lasting, deep muscle/joint pain & inflammation relief. Legit the best topical product I have ever used!

    Be it post workout, old injury acting...
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    - 6/18/2020


    Ellen Mosko Avatar
    Ellen Mosko

    Connor and Kelsey offer an excellent product line and we have been repeat customers. I have struggled with insomnia for quite some time and... read more - 5/07/2020


    Stephanie Giordano Avatar
    Stephanie Giordano

    I was lucky enough to have been gifted a sample of this balm with another purchase. The balm is SO good for relieving pain and... read more - 5/06/2020


    Emily Kyne Avatar
    Emily Kyne

    I have a senior lab who takes these capsules every morning, and sometimes at night with dinner on especially difficult or rainy days. I fully... read more - 5/06/2020


    Katelyn Newmanator Avatar
    Katelyn Newmanator

    The holy grail of CBD tinctures! I struggle with insomnia and before trying this product, no amount of melatonin would help me fall asleep peacefully.... read more - 4/28/2020


    Kevin Pecca Avatar
    Kevin Pecca

    positive review  My French Bulldog puppy developed bad food allergies at 5 months old. He was constantly itching and not sleeping through the night. I... read more - 4/23/2020

    Angela Colletti Avatar
    Angela Colletti

    positive review  I have been dealing with painful menstrual cramps since I was 12 years old. All doctors first suggestion was birth control which gave me other... read more - 1/02/2020

    Jess Corona Avatar
    Jess Corona

    positive review  I’ve tried several different cbd brands and Daily Dose CBD by far the BEST product out there. Conner and Kelsey are extremely knowledgeable and personable.... read more - 12/23/2019

    Natty Deanne Avatar
    Natty Deanne

    positive review  the absolute best CBD products i’ve ever used!!! Kelsey & Connor are also the best people ever. They’re very knowledgeable and passionate about their company... read more - 11/30/2019

    Chuck Morgan Avatar
    Chuck Morgan

    positive review  Best customer service I’ve received in my life.

    Add that on top of high quality products and the lengths they go through to educate and explain...
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    - 11/29/2019

    Ashley Scipione Avatar
    Ashley Scipione

    positive review  Epic product! I love to use it at night time, to help with my insomnia that seems to creep up on me. Next up: botanical... read more - 7/20/2019

    Bonnie Korecky Avatar
    Bonnie Korecky

    positive review  Game - Changer!!! I have severe arthritis in both knees (bone on bone) and aside from getting a prescription pain pill which I don't want... read more - 7/12/2019

    Gnarly Welsh-Hurley Avatar
    Gnarly Welsh-Hurley

    positive review  Such a great product! Personally, I will take it the most in the morning to help stay focused throughout the day. However, taking it at... read more - 7/07/2019

    Alison Chandley Avatar
    Alison Chandley

    positive review  SO helpful with my everyday mood and neck pain caused by stress. Such kind, caring, and helpful people! Also super helpful with info on CBD... read more - 7/05/2019

    Rachel Curtis Avatar
    Rachel Curtis

    positive review  Huge fan of the product that daily dose produces! Full spectrum really does help me sleep through the night. I never really thought I had... read more - 6/29/2019

    Joe Libraro Avatar
    Joe Libraro

    positive review  I have been an avid CBD user since it hit the market a few year back, and I have tried all sorts of brands and... read more - 6/26/2019

  • Tammy Malvasi Avatar
    Tammy Malvasi

    positive review  If your in the market for relief of any kind, you must try Daily Dose CBD. After trying a plethora of brands already out there... read more - 6/25/2019

    Joellen Williams Avatar
    Joellen Williams

    positive review  Wonderful product by wonderful people! Always there to help with questions and checking in on you! I sleep so much better and actually wake up... read more - 6/22/2019

    Mark Joseph Avatar
    Mark Joseph

    positive review  I wish I had this years ago!! Between being much less stress and sleeping through the night I couldn’t be happier. The love and care... read more - 6/22/2019

    Jacqui Byrnes Avatar
    Jacqui Byrnes

    positive review  I can’t say enough good things about their product! I sleep better, my stress levels are lower and over all just feel better. I’m so... read more - 6/22/2019

    Barbara Cainzos Avatar
    Barbara Cainzos

    positive review  I've suffered w severe back pain for years. Epidural shots were only a temporary relief. I have been surviving n staying mobile so I am... read more - 6/13/2019